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Getting married in Houston, Texas? Great news! Houston area has many wonderful places to offer for your wedding. Lots of wedding venues for any budget, beautiful parks, amazing churches, picturesque gardens, authentic ranches and plantation houses, numerous fountains, boardwalks, lakes, beaches, palm trees, flowers. All of these features can be found within 0.5-70 mile drive from Downtown Houston. Yes, Houston is not Hollywood, but good photographer will make your dreams come true and you will enjoy your wedding photos forever. Let’s discuss different wedding scenarios. This is photography website, so the main focus of this article is wedding photography in Houston/Sugar Land/Baytown/Pasadena/Spring/Katy/Galveston/Lake Jackson/Woodlands/Conroe area.

Courthouse wedding. Courthouse is not a great place to get married since courthouses have no decorations, look pretty ugly inside and there is no difference for their employees between giving you marriage license or license plates for your car. However sometimes people have no other choice. In this case it is very important to work with photographer on wedding photo session to create best memories of your wedding day. Outdoor session will be one of the greatest options. Tony’s photography will recommend the best places in Houston area for your outdoor wedding photo shoot. Schedule 2-3 hours of time between your courthouse ceremony and wedding reception for this photo session. Have a backup plan for the indoor photography in the case of rain (it rains a lot in Houston from September until early May).

Backyard wedding. Backyard weddings are popular. Backyard Wedding ceremony in Spring, Texas (Houston area)Especially in Houston area where it is warm almost all year long. Backyard wedding does not necessarily mean something cheap. One of the world’s richest men, Mark Zuckerberg (founder of the Facebook) had a backyard wedding. Backyard wedding is a great option if you want to spend your special day only with a close friends and family members. It is affordable but beautiful. You will not have to worry about the time limitations that regular wedding venues have, so all the preparations will be more relaxed. It will be also more stress-free because you are getting married in family environment and generally not have to drive anywhere. Best time for the backyard wedding in Houston area is March-June and September-November. Normally it is not a problem to prepare for the rain in the backyard settings and wide tent will be a good option for this scenario. Sometimes both wedding ceremony and reception take place at one location; sometimes reception is transferred to a restaurant. After the backyard wedding ceremony it is highly recommended to change settings and have an outdoor photo session at different location (park, golf club, lake, etc.). Tony’s Photography recommends scheduling 1-2 hours of time for this photo session with a groom and bride only (and maybe with a few close friends) before the wedding reception.

Beach wedding. Beach Wedding in Galveston, TexasGalveston TX beach is a popular summer wedding destination in Houston area. Yes, Galveston is not Miami, Key West or Malibu, but it is pretty decent though. Work with a good photographer, and you will get amazing pictures there. It is probably the best wedding destination in summer: always breezy at the beach so you will not suffer from the Texas heat during the ceremony and the Gulf of Mexico will be a unique background for your wedding pictures. Best time for the beach wedding ceremony is a sunset hour (7-8PM in June-July or 4-5PM in January). You will get the best colors and most romantic atmosphere during this time. If you have good backup options for the stormy weather and possible winter temperature drops, beach wedding will be one of the best choices all year long, not only in summer (if it occasionally gets cold in January, you just have the ceremony indoors, but you cannot forecast this within more than a week in advance).

Church wedding. Classic and the most beautiful wedding ceremonies happen at the church. Church wedding is No 1 choice of Tony’s Photography. Marriage has always been part of God’s good plan for us and having this ceremony at the church gets you closer to the God. The author of this article totally loves church weddings and recommends you to get married at the church. Any time of the year no concerns about the rain or heat. Check the photography rules at your church in advance; every church has different rules. Church Wedding ceremony in Houston, Texas Work on decorations, customize your ceremony. While planning a church wedding, you need to consider decorations for the aisle, the pews, and the altar. More decorations is better, but check with a church administrator for the compliance with a church rules. After the church, schedule some time for the outdoor photo session (at least 1 hour between the ceremony and the reception) so you will have variety of photos at different settings.

Specialized wedding venues. These venues normally combine chapel for the ceremony with a reception hall at one place so you will not have to drive from the church to the separate location for the reception. However, these venues are solely commercial and cannot substitute the real church from the spiritual perspective. Wedding venue is the easiest way to organize your wedding: they are specialized in weddings and will take care of everything including decorations, catering, time management, etc. Usually they force their clients working with the affiliated photographers, however this is your wedding and you have a right to choose (if you are looking for a different style and/or price options). Be careful with the photographer provided by a wedding venue. This is the same situation as with the chain photography company: often you never know who has actually captured the photos demonstrated to you by the venue managers and there is no guarantee that this particular photographer would work at your wedding.

Alternative weddings. Many budget weddings take place at the hotels, restaurants and even random multi-purpose halls. The same design rule works here: more decorations is better. I have seen crappy wedding halls so extensively decorated that they looked as million dollar venues in the pictures. I have also been to the weddings at the upscale but non-decorated venues, and would definitely say that cheaper but heavily decorated hall is better. So if you are trying to save cash on a venue, do not save at least on decorations and work with a good photographer who will transform crappy place into expensive venue by narrowing depth of field and choosing the best angles. Avoid poorly lighted halls.

General tips/considerations:

1. Your wedding ceremony will last only 15-90 minutes, but the photographs of this special day can last forever. If your wedding is really important for you, work with reputable photographer who has diverse portfolio.
2. More decorations is better, especially at the outdoor ceremonies.
3. Light at the reception. Wedding is not a funeral, so more light is better. Some venues save money on electricity. Check this in advance. Do you want all your pictures looking expensive? – Do not let the wedding venue save on you and put all the available light to the max. As a photographer I can work in any light conditions including complete darkness, but you should remember that good ambient light gives better pictures.
4. Guests’ attire. Try to coordinate with all of the guests so they can adhere to some particular style/color scheme. Some guests do not understand that shorts or hoodies are not appropriate at a wedding. It is up to you if you would let them ruin your wedding photos with inappropriate attire.

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