Engagement and bridal photography in Houston, Texas

Engagement photography in Houston, Texas

Many people know about engagement photography, but occasionally I keep receiving questions from my customers ‘what is an engagement photo session and how it goes?’ So I decided to write an article about this.

Engagement session is done after a couple gets engaged and before wedding. The goal of photographer is to capture history of couple’s relationship, their emotions and best romantic moments so these photos can be showcased later at a wedding reception and tell story of their love to the guests. Engagement pictures are often used as a decoration at wedding reception and on ‘save the date’ invitation cards. Later engagement photos will become an important part of family photo album as well.

Engagement photo

Engagement photograph in the center of the decorative composition at a wedding reception

Engagement session is also a great opportunity for a Engagement at Water Wall in Houston TXcouple to see their photographer in action and make sure that his/her style and quality of work is a good fit for them. Some photographers include engagement session in a wedding package and some sell it as a separate product. It is reasonable to work with one particular photographer at both engagement and wedding: first of all, after receiving engagement photos you can make sure that quality of your photographer’s work satisfies you; second, you become more adjusted to this photographer and his/her manner of work and creative process. However, some couples do engagement in one city/state and wedding in another, so multiple photographers are involved in this case. Also a couple might arrange several engagement sessions in order to collect pictures from totally different environments (for example, it is a good idea to combine San Antonio missions with Galveston beaches or Hill Country scenery on engagement photos). Most engagement sessions are done outdoors and under natural light conditions. Photographer puts a couple in a scenic environment and captures their best romantic moments and emotions.

Houston, TX area has a lot to offer for engagement photography: scenic parks, flowers, fountains, lakes and ponds, palm trees, etc. Southern Texas climate provides good opportunities for engagement photography all year long. Hottest season for engagements in Houston is January - March.

Engagement photography in Houston, Texas

Typically, a couple is carefully prepared for engagement session together (dress, hair, makeup, props). However, there is a variation of engagement photo shoot (surprise proposal) when photographer captures moment of proposal itself, usually hiding from a client’s girlfriend. In this situation, one side (typically, girlfriend) is not prepared (well, she might be aware of her boyfriend’s plans but generally not ready for particular day/time). Here photographer usually starts working from a distance capturing moments of proposal and then after this meets couple and proceeds with series of normal engagement shots.

Another type of pre-wedding photography somewhat similar to engagement is a bridal photography; it captures a bride alone. Bridal photo shoot is a tradition in southern states with a purpose of illustrating bride’s beauty in private settings (normally, scenic natural or architectural environment). Bridal photo session also typically takes place few months before wedding. Bridal shoot can be combined with engagement session (on a different day).

Bridal photography in Houston Texas

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